April 8, 2022

Fiduciary Services

Trisca Hattingh Head – Fiduciary Services          Your spouse has died at home… Now what? The old cliché about taxes and death comes to mind… Death is a certainty, and however unwanted and unexpected it might be, there are steps which can, and should, be planned for. Someone dying at your residence is always an emotional affair, whether they were suffering from a longstanding illness, or if the death was sudden. No one is ever fully prepared for a death at home. Through the grieving, you will be required to bear additional duties such as plan their funeral and see that their testamentary wishes are followed. Questions which immediately spring to mind include: What do I do? Who do I call? What about guests and children in my house? Where do I get help? The collective experiences...
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Wealth Management

Jenny Williams Senior Servicing Consultant       Your Will and testament: A family financial planning necessity  A last Will and testament should be carefully reviewed and regularly updated to ensure that the surviving family members’ well-being are adequately addressed following the death of a family member.  Including the whole family in discussions about family financial planning, will ensure that all members are aware of the deceased family members’ specific wishes.  Jenny notes that “Establishing the requirements and details of a Will is a priority in terms of discussions, which need to take place with your family and financial adviser”.  This will progress to drafting, signing, and storing of the physical document, and ensure that relevant persons know its content, expectations, and whereabouts.  Most importantly, knowing the whereabouts of all the assets of the deceased is fundamental, ensuring no assets...
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Employee Benefits

Sabir Bacus Senior Benefit Consultant          Group Life Assurance (GLA) An insured Group Life Assurance (GLA) policy is a form of insurance which provides independent life cover (death benefits) to individuals within a group of people.  This group is almost always made up of employees of a particular employer (via an employer owned policy) or members of a particular retirement fund (via a fund owned policy).  The life cover is insured with a registered insurance company.  If an insured employee or a member of a retirement fund dies, the insured benefit is paid out, usually as a lump sum, to the employee’s or member’s beneficiaries, respectively. The level of cover is usually determined by the employer and may be constructed in different ways.  The most common basis of determining cover is as a multiple of annual salary,...
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Andre Lindeque Senior Servicing Consultant         Are you thinking that GTC misspelt Altitude? Rest assured, both the word and the spelling are intentional. So, what is Altertude? Altertude is GTC’s overarching technology stack that has been created to engage with, report on, and maintain records for clients. It incorporates all the elements and platforms used to create a comprehensive financial wellness plan, providing a single repository in which one can view financial goals and aspirations, investment strategies, risk exposure, financial reports, and projections. Altertude requires that a user alters their attitude once they use the various components of the package. By doing so, they are raising their game. So, whether it’s an alliteration, a spoonerism or even a malapropism, Altertude is a GTC word motivating a change of both attitude and expectation. Altertude cuts through the jargon...
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Who manages your money?

Continuing our introduction to the mechanisms and people within GTC’s Asset Management team, meet some of the team who carry out the responsibilities of managing your assets. In these short interviews, the team provides insight into their personal lives and answers some questions about themselves and their families.     Manty Seligman Director – Asset Management   Manty is a married dad of three, two daughters (28 and 22), and a son (25). Manty believes that the family unit is hugely important and considers himself a family man. Manty jokes “When I was younger, I aspired to being a “benevolent dictator””. Manty resides in Sandton, Johannesburg, and primarily working out of the Jo’burg office. Manty found that his early fascination with – and desire to understand – market movements and pricing, drew him to want to understand economics and social...
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Asset Management

Our Asset Management team provides market commentary inclusive of the effects of the market’s performance over the quarter. We introduce our management team to you. Market Overview Q1 2022 Who manages your money?