GTC has consistently been recognised within the industry as conducting best practice, specifically being awarded various PMR Africa awards over the years.  GTC is proud to be awarded the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award of Excellence in July 2022.  This annual award measures respondent’s scoring over a range of administrative and consulting topics. 

Based on this survey conducted during May and June of this year, GTC achieved PMR’s highest
rated award – The Diamond category, and was also rated the highest scoring company in the
category: ‘Pension Fund Administrators and Product Providers – Insurers, administering between
100 000 and 150 000 members‘.  

This award is based on an aggregate scoring process, involving some 25 specific questions conducted through an independent survey.  This survey ranks companies and institutions based on the results of these questions each of which is scored out of 5.  GTC’s aggregate score from all respondents, based on all the questions was 4.28 – the highest score measured this year in this category by PMR.   

Winning the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award for 2022, has seen GTC retain its mantle as the highest scoring recipient of this award for the past five consecutive years.  

There are several articles in this Trendline relating to our interconnectivity between our retirement fund management and how members are seen as – and treated as – private clients.  

The independent verification of our retirement fund processes by PMR is gratifying, as this endorses GTC’s approach to doing business and shows a high level of customer satisfaction.  

Well done to the GTC team for their contribution to this achievement. 

GTC proudly sponsors the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra

GTC proudly sponsors the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra (JSO), fostering the musical talent of present and future generations. Pictures from the recent Junior Concerto Festival 2018.

GTC proudly sponsors the Wanderers Golf Club

GTC proudly sponsors the Wanderers Golf Club.
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