GTC’s Multi Management offering combines the depth of insight of its institutional investment team with the latest and best ideas from the global investment industry. Built on the solid foundation of GTC’s tried and tested investment philosophy, our multi management solutions combine multiple investment strategies in carefully constructed portfolios designed to meet our client’s investment objectives within measured risk parameters.

The multi management team applies proprietary GTC analytical research to local and global markets in an ongoing exercise of finding and utilising the best asset management skillsets in each investment strategy. This specialist approach ensures an optimal risk adjusted outcome from each strategy which forms the building blocks of the GTC investment portfolios, combined in a considered and deliberate manner to ensure the greatest probability of delivering on client objectives.

The resultant investment portfolios are both robust and flexible. Robust in that they are founded on years of practical experience and sound investment principles, having been used within the GTC unit trusts for the past ten years. Flexible in that their market-leading design ensures that they can adapt to take advantage of changing market conditions.

Our multi-managed portfolios benefit from these characteristics in a number of ways:

1) The solid understanding and focus on what risk means to our clients ensures that our portfolios are designed to weather negative markets, while at the same time ensuring the client’s return objectives are met.
2) Flexibility ensures we can tilt our portfolios towards those sources of investment return that are best placed to deliver.
3) We can take advantage of the best of what markets have to offer, for example, our combination of both active and passive investment strategies within our portfolios.
4) Our portfolio design ensures efficiency by enforcing a cost-benefit discipline in the employment of asset management skills within our solutions.

The Multi-management team is headed up by Clive Eggers.