Our Values and Social Responsibility

Our values

GTC has always retained the objective of being recognised in a crowded market place as a benchmark of best practice and innovative thinking. This objective is measured by ensuring that the interests of all of our clients are protected and placed at the core of all our decisions, business practices, company culture and ethics.

Our social responsibilities

GTC commits to applying more than the prescribed contributions to social responsibilities. We achieve this by ensuring that actions are more than the company’s financial contributions.

An employee (as opposed to management) driven committee determines and establishes interaction and specific projects to be undertaken. GTC staff voluntarily commit their personal time, energy and money, all of which is actively embraced by the company.

Treating clients with integrity

Whilst there is now legislation in this regard, GTC has always had a formal position as regards this key aspect of our business. GTC will always put the interests of clients ahead of any other corporate objectives.

There will always be full and complete disclosure of all fees, importantly not just those charged by GTC (as has been committed to GTC’s investment mandate since 2004. )

GTC will ensure that best advice always means best advice for the client, ahead of any administrative or economic benefits to the company.

Our commitment to BBBEE

GTC is committed to adopting, embracing and implementing the socially responsible BBBEE principles as laid out in the Department of Trade and Industry’s Codes of Good Practice on BBBEE.

GTC takes employment equity seriously and continues striving for a representative workforce in all spheres of its business.

In addition to complying with all relevant regulation, GTC is strongly committed to empowering and providing work related opportunities for personal growth, regardless of race or sex, in all areas of the business.