Employee Benefits Administration

GTC’s retirement administration offering caters for both umbrella funds and stand-alone private funds, providing full services in terms of administration, fund accounting, consulting, investment management and trustee reporting.

While any retirement fund administration is clearly centred on systems and electronic processes, GTC strongly advocates that it is the people managing these same systems that are critical in maintaining superior service levels. It is our experience that technically efficient systems only work well if managed by competent people.


Our Differentiation

Team Leader

Over time efficient administration requires the correct balance of several very important components:
• a very good computerised administration system.
• clear processes, managed through a comprehensive workflow system.
• competent and motivated people.

We are proud to be one of the few administrators who have managed to achieve this all-important balance, which continues to be our focus. The sponsor of the eighth largest umbrella fund in South Africa, GTC has been awarded the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award for excellence in employee benefits administration and consulting, and three PMR Africa Golden Arrow awards in prior years.

We are also proud of the system GTC runs on (Everest) and, more importantly, the administrators who use it. Our internally developed Workflow system ensures a seamless administrative and claim process.

GTC’s primary objective is to deliver quality service at a consistent pricing structure over time and we believe in “the price you see is the price you pay” principle, meaning that there are no hidden or additional costs that materialise after the business has been secured.

Nadira Sarang heads up the Employee Benefits Administration division.

GTC runs some 100 000 member records across some 350 employer funds, processing well over 500 000 accounting entries involving more than half a billion Rand per month.

T: +27 (0) 21 713 8500
E: nsarang@gtc.co.za