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GTC is a licensed and accredited investment manager. GTC Management Company (GTC Manco) currently runs eleven bespoke unit trusts. These are intended exclusively for the use of GTC clients who have been through the wealth management and financial advisory process with either a GTC wealth manager, a GTC retirement fund consultant or through the services of one of GTC’s strategic partners.

Within GTC the administrative process and the product construction resides with GTC Manco. The investment process is undertaken within a division of GTC – Investment Analytics.

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GTC’s Investment Analytics capability provides a comprehensive investment consulting service. This typically begins with the devising of a specific and bespoke investment strategy for each client, progressing to the determining of relevant performance benchmarks, through to the portfolio construction and ultimately to the investment solution (and the ongoing monitoring thereof).

GTC is an independent investment manager, selecting specific asset managers, stockbrokers, or investment bankers dispassionately through a formal investment committee process.

In addition to a complex quantitative research process, investors benefit from GTC’s close working relationship and qualitative review processes of the selected asset managers. Both cost and tax efficiencies are ensured through this direct access, diametrically opposed to the traditional layers of retail pricing.

Specialised and personalised risk-profiled investment solutions are structured for both private and institutional clients, established and monitored through an investment policy document.

All investment management conducted by GTC is on a multi-managed segregated mandate basis rather than on a fund-of-funds basis whereby retail unit trusts are wrapped together.

Creating a range of risk profiled GTC unit trusts based on a quantitatively apportioned manager-diversified basis allows GTC and supporting strategic partners numerous benefits for their clients including tax efficiency; complete oversight and administrative control of the underlying selected stocks and the avoidance of unnecessary and additional multi- manager charges and processes.

Clive Eggers is head of Multi Management at GTC, he is responsible for leading a team of investment professionals who provide a wide range of investment services including multi-management and asset consulting services. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ and a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst™.
Clive began his career in London in 1999, before returning to South Africa, where he worked at some of the country’s largest financial service companies. In 2014 Clive joined GTC where he has been integrally involved in offering clients’ investment advice and asset management products. Clive is a regular thought leadership contributor and presenter at various industry conferences and training events.
Clive’s life outside the office revolves around his four children and the occasional trail run.

T: +27 (0) 21 412 1071

Previously, GTC Investment Analytics represented the broad investment team responsible for most investment related functions. Recently, these functions have been clearly defined as either front or middle office responsibilities. Both these ‘offices’ along with World Wide Capital Asset Management (WWCAM), a wholly owned subsidiary of GTC, now fall under GTC Asset Management (GTCAM) business unit.

The Front Office team primarily focuses on performing in-depth analysis of global market development, research surrounding new and existing strategies, optimisation analysis underpinning allocation decisions, and monitoring the overall GTC’s asset management capability.

Additionally, the Front Office team engages with the different third-party asset managers appointed by GTC, on a frequent basis to understand their views and positioning, as well as to keep abreast of developments amongst key market players.

Based on the above, the team presents regularly to clients and responds to client queries. WWCAM provides investment products and solutions in-house as well as to third party asset managers, and other financial advisory practices.

These products are primarily Passive Indexation solutions, though they do also consist of currency overlays,
and other alternative investment, and asset management structures. Insofar as asset management is concerned, WWCAM acts independently as regards their products, though forms an integral component of the Front Office team.

The Middle Office team performs daily validations of unit prices, cash management, and portfolio rebalancing,
providing key oversight related to compliance and regulatory requirements. This ensures that any breaches are identified and addressed immediate. The Middle Office produces monthly and quarterly fund fact sheets, as well as bespoke investment reports for institutional clients.

The Middle Office also oversees the implementation of Front Office decisions which range from changes to strategic and tactical asset allocations, portfolio manager appointments, terminations, and switches. Also undertaken by this team are the setting-up of new client accounts, alongside any required additional fee classes.

The efficacy of the GTC investment strategy is underpinned by 155+ years of collective experience, leading to considerable depth of knowledge within this team.

This is further supported by the technical skills and various market specific qualifications earned by the team.