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Where there’s a Will…there’s a way.  Leaving a legacy is more than just accumulating assets.  Trust GTC to fulfil and implement your intended wishes.

Our team of fiduciary specialists provide expert advice on financial structuring for the next generation.  Through the appropriate construction of wills, trusts and other estate tax minimising structures, together with the executorship and administration thereof, the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is ensured.

In an ever-changing environment – tax and investment wise – GTC maintains a close watch of  the prevailing legislative framework together with an eye on recent and proposed changes.  Testamentary structuring can become very expensive and GTC provides sensible and practical advice taking all factors into account.

Typically a GTC private client will work with the Fiduciary Services team in conjunction with their personal Wealth Management consultant. The interconnectivity between Wealth Management and Fiduciary Services is a close and complex one, as is the Employee Benefits Consulting capability.  GTC provides a holistic perspective on all aspects of a client’s wealth accumulation and management.

Please email GTC’s Fiduciary Services team on for more information and assistance with your Will and/or assistance with the administration of a deceased estate.

Will information booklet

We at GTC understand that financial wealth is but a part of looking after your heirs. We understand the importance of taking care of those you leave behind and to make your last wishes known and implemented as you intended.

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