October 14, 2022

Asset Management

An in-depth market commentary detailing global and local investment performance over the quarter, with our Asset Management team detailing the importance of the required trust between an investor and their selected asset managers. Market Overview Q3 2022 The importance of trust in active fund management Market update Q&A video    

TrueNorth – A component of Altertude

Andre Lindeque Senior Servicing Consultant         Altertude, introduced in a previous edition of The Trendline, has it’s cornerstone TrueNorth, GTC’s in-house financial analysis platform.  TrueNorth was created – in consultation with independent actuaries – to consolidate an investor’s financial information, providing them with a holistic overview of their financial wellness in real time.     Naming convention In the early days of sailing and navigation, explorers learnt the material difference between the different directions which a compass bears, being either magnetic or true north.  In addition to the compass direction, finding one’s true north has come to mean a personal self-realisation of one’s values, life purpose and direction.  Investors who engage with TrueNorth will receive accurate guidance and are more likely to get to where they are heading, not falling short or getting lost along the way. ...
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