October 13, 2022

PMR interview with GTC – Award winners for 5 consecutive years

Interview with Johan Hattingh – CEO of PMR and Gary Mockler – CEO of GTC. Johan Hattingh: Morning Gary. For the readers – Gary Mockler is the CEO of GTC. Congratulations on this year’s PMR Arrow Award. GTC has won the top-ranking Diamond Award of Excellence for the past five years. Additionally, over the last five GTC has the highest score of any company in your category. We’d like to know some more about you guys.      So specifically, who is GTC, where did you come from, and is GTC an acronym for a longer name? Gary Mockler: Whew, a short question which requires a longer answer. We used to be Grant Thornton Capital, integrally part of the global audit practice – Grant Thornton.  In fact, we pre-date Grant Thornton Capital. In 1991 we started our business as part...
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