July 22, 2021

Responsible Investing… your fund manager has a duty to act in the interests of the investors as well as society as a whole

22 July 2021 Recently Elon Musk retracted Tesla’s commitment to accept Bitcoin as a transaction currency for purchasing one of their electric vehicles. He cited the enormous power requirement for the mining of Bitcoin, and the fact that clean energy wasn’t being used in this process, stating that once Bitcoin energy use was cleaner, Tesla would re-introduce the currency. This is but one example of investors and consumers taking on stance on matters beyond just the financial results achieved. Increasingly we’re hearing about ESG criteria being adopted. Investors globally, are increasingly demanding that Environmental, Social and Corporate governance be applied to their portfolios, and measured against this. The last eighteen months have brought changes to the sustainable fund industry. Market commentators claim that incorporating ESG factors makes funds more resilient, and the rapid rise in flows to ESG funds and...
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